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Southern Medical University Shenzhen hospital administration, logistics building completion of the inspection

2015-12-18 11:01

The afternoon of December 30, 2014, the general contractor, decoration construction units apply, supervision company chaired the "Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University (Xin'an hospital) administration and logistics sub floor unit project completion of the inspection of the meeting.

The meeting invited the construction quality and safety supervision of the two station project supervisor and construction, design, general contracting, refined decoration, waterproof construction units responsible person, the use of units south medical

University Shenzhen hospital preparatory group to participate in. The quality and safety of construction engineering supervision supervision station two group on the administration and logistics sub floor unit project overall project quality satisfied, also proposed rectification requirements of the preliminary examination of the process of the problems found in the general contracting and decoration construction unit that will take seriously, strengthen management, quality and quantity to complete the task.

(building office secretary Zhang Yuan)