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The hospital with the "big", "flat" as the principle, "function module" and "process management" as the basis, the Department of the Department, the path is clear, resources, management, efficiency improvement as the goal, a total of 8 management agencies, including the Ministry of comprehensive affairs, Ministry of education, Ministry of finance, human resources, information and information department, running support.

1, the administrative department

The implementation of the party, audit, supervision, cluster, secretarial, business, archives, confidential, legal, propaganda, foreign affairs, letters and other management work.

2, medical department

The implementation of medical management, specifically including:

(1) medical service development plan, resource allocation scheme, operation plan, implementation of service flow setting and optimization, service performance evaluation.

(2) medical service standards, quality management and domestic and international quality certification.

(3) Qualification Access for medical subjects, projects and medical personnel.

(4) hospital sense control management, medical emergency management and public health management (public health emergency and infectious diseases, chronic non communicable diseases, mental illness management, and maternal and child health management).

(5) medical insurance business management.

(6) employee health prevention.

3, Ministry of Education

The implementation of hospital teaching, scientific research management, specifically including:

(1) the construction of teaching hospitals, education, training and discipline construction after graduation.

(2) scientific research platform construction, scientific and technological project reporting, results transformation, technology transfer, academic exchange and cooperation and other management work.

4, nursing department

Implementation of nursing management.

5, finance department

Implement financial, health economy, state-owned assets, health care prices, price reform, charge and other management work.

6, human resources department

Implement human resource planning, performance assessment, salary and benefits, recruitment, training, employee relations and other management work.

7. Information and Information Department

Implementation of information construction, data management, medical record management, etc..

8, operation support department

Specifically include:

(1) equipment, medicines, supplies procurement, warehousing, supply management and equipment maintenance management.

(2) property, infrastructure, energy saving, environmental protection, security, food, vehicles and other logistics management.